Aisling Farinella

Kildare Village Fashion Bursary

The Kildare Village Fashion Bursary provides the opportunity for an Irish student to complete an MA in Fashion Design at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. As a consultant on this project I have worked with Kildare Village to build a relationship with RCA, develop a programme of events to promote the initiative, and showcase the emerging talent supported by the bursary.

In my consultancy role with the bursary, I have directed fashion installations, industry talks, video and photography production, while also managing communication between creative and commercial interests.

With a new Irish student receiving full fees support for the two year MA starting in September 2017, the Kildare Village Fashion Bursary demonstrates the positive possibilities of a commercial brand engaging with contemporary Irish creative culture.

In June 2017, the inaugural recipient of the Kildare Village Fashion Bursary, Michael Stewart, graduated from the Royal College of Art. His highly acclaimed collection was showcased to an international audience of media, industry and influencers. 

“Kildare Village are not just sponsoring one person. They are sponsoring something that we all believe in as the future. And in the future, that relationship will continue with the RCA which I'm really beyond thrilled with."

-Zowie Broach, Head of Fashion, RCA

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