Aisling Farinella

Absolut Originality

To celebrate the launch of the limited edition Absolut Originality bottle in October 2013, I was commissioned to create a cross-disciplinary event inspired by the product and the brand’s own history of creative collaboration.

As creative director, I commissioned a fashion designer, an illustrator, a filmmaker and a projection mapper to collaborate on a unique, site-specific installation combining each of these creative disciplines.

I collaborated with projection mapper Brian Kenny and programmer Tom O’Dea who developed a custom-built device for the event, combining motion-tracking and projection mapping technology. Visitors to the installation were invited to engage with this technology and create their own unique patterns on an original garment created by fashion designer Danielle Romeril.

I coordinated the production of the event at Mabos venue at Grand Canal Dock in Dublin. Music by Lasertom was licensed for the installation and the artist performed live at the launch event.

Garment by Danielle Romeril
Illustration by Chrissie Abbott
Film Still Jamie Delaney
Film Still Jamie Delaney
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